Why are you making irrelevant post on my status………….Well think out of box.

Why are you making irrelevant post on my status………….Well think out of box.

Almost everyone today on LinkedIn is a victim of these so-called new problems [irrelevant post on their status] weren’t you; well I am victim and assuming you too..!

Many times I see irrelevant post or comment or job offer or some kind of promotional activities copied on someone else’s status which has no link or relation to original one.

Many of my connection are ready to fight against it. In fact I was also involved in one such a similar situation. I requested him to stop doing so but failed he is still on the race. Some stop some may never.

My question here come is does it really damage our status ?

To find this answer, first ask yourself a question, when you add something to your status what is your ultimate goal? Well mine was to reach maximum and assuming it was you’re too.

So when anyone comments on our status though relevant or irrelevant, it get spread to his connection as well and it goes on while the matter which is promoted is not their comment but our status.

Thus In fact it is like they are doing marketing for our status for free and that too without requesting.

Well my point is simple, when your goal is to reach maximum all these irrelevant comments are positive.

Take this example: Say your strength of connection is 500 and the person who post has another 500 or   more than you get an extra reach of his connection and these goes on.

So they in fact are not spamming they are actually marketing your status to their connection that too freeeeeee! Wow!!




If you believe I am wrong, My point is misleading, please share it, I am no expert, I may have done many mistake.

And always you can reach me at anish.madhavi@etaashconsultants.com

Good day!!